Friday, 3 May 2013

Transition form Head to Heart

Have you ever had that strange feeling when you disembark form a boat and, despite the obvious stability of the ground beneath you, you are still aware of the movement of the waves?

I believe this is what is happening to many at the moment.

We are moving into a new reality, and in that process losing the old stories of who we were. We are being upgraded from analogue to digital, from mind based rationalising to heart based resonance processing. From 3D to 5D. From dial up to broad band. Take your pick...we are changing.

The movement of the waves we can perceive are the echos of the passing world of cause and effect and limitation influencing our experience. Some have distanced themselves far enough from the old world that the echo is barely perceptible. Others are so close it is all they can hear.

To create the illusion of lack in the old world it was necessary to create some sort of boundary, and that boundary had to be policed. We chose to police that boundary with a mythical being called fear.

What shift?

As I have written many times before I believe we are in the midst of a huge transition on Earth and whether you look at it in metaphysical terms as a shift from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, or as something more grounded as the turmoil in the world economy, this period of transition is potentially disorienting.

Old certainties and reference points are no longer there. Well they are, but somehow they are not quite as solid. A bit like getting off a boat and still feeling the movement of the sea.

I feel we have actually transitioned. Our being has moved to a higher dimensional state. But a part of us is still using or looking for the old reference points. Our essence has got off the boat but we are still feeling the movement of the sea.

So, what does that mean in the "real" world?

I feel you will start to notice the absence of fear. Your mind will seek the feeling associated with circumstance, but the feeling will be absent.

It is as if we are developing a maturity which moves us beyond the effect of the mind generated, and frankly immature, emotional states which have for so long kept us from our true feeling state. "Emotional intelligence" (another oxymoron in my world) has largely been embraced as another tool of manipulation in the world of cause and effect.

As you become liberated from you emotional guardians you may feel a sense of detachment or disinterest, but as you settle into that place your true expression will be allowed to come out to play. It may be hesitant at first, unused to the freedom and anticipating judgement, but with no fear to put it in its place, get ready to meet yourself...who knows you may really like you.

Its like a prisoner waking up to find the guards have all left. Freedom takes a little adjusting to, but with a little time and growing realisation of the truth, liberty tastes good.

Liberty also brings its own challenges. So much of our creation has been based on survival or aimed at achieving a particular emotion, that free from the belief of limitation what is it that you really desire. What would you choose in a world of unlimited resource?

Why do I hurt?

This is a selfish point, as I have found the physical transition of the past few weeks quite uncomfortable. If this has not been your experience then forgive my indulgence. My body has felt as if it is quite literally re-aligning. Think of a magnet under a piece of paper and the effect it has on the iron filings. As Einstein pointed out the only governing force in the Universe is the Field. We are simply matter organised by the Field. I think the Field is changing and the discomfort is the reluctance of our matter to go with it. The earth does it with Earthquakes, I get a sore hip!

But nothing has changed!

Something I hear quite often. But I am afraid that is the call of those who were quite comfortable on the boat, can still sense the re-assuring movement of the sea, and will cling on to every fading piece of evidence to convince themselves that they are still all at sea....well I guess that may continue to be their experience.

What next?

The honest answer is I don't know. I could give you an economic forecast. I could pretend to be connected to a higher (and separate) being that assures me all is well but in the end I know the whole purpose of this shift is to move us closer to the most reliable guide available...THE HEART. To try to analyse an unconditional experience in the language of conditionality is like trying to sell an aqualung to a fish.

Our plan is to keep on using the tools at our disposal, follow the heart and explore the freedom. You are welcome to continue this amazing ride with us.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Are you suffering Cognitive Dissonance?

Human beings like to feel in control of their environment. It’s a survival mechanism. We form theories and look for patterns so that we can navigate an uncertain world with some sense of confidence that we’re making the right decisions. If we didn’t have this instinct, we’d spend most of the day sitting on the sofa, paralysed by indecision.

The trouble is, it’s very easy to get wedded to the illusion of certainty. It takes a lot of effort to build a world view that we feel comfortable with. So we hate it when our way of looking at things is challenged. Particularly if incorporating the new information would mean having to change our minds about a view that has proved useful in the past.

The discomfort we feel when we can’t incorporate a piece of information into our existing world view is called ‘cognitive dissonance.’ It’s an unpleasant sensation – like an itch you can’t scratch. So it’s something that we all try to avoid.

We stock up on arguments to defend our views, and attack the opposing view. And sometimes, if we can’t give a well-argued answer to a point, we’ll resort to distraction tactics or personal attacks.

In short, we’d rather be proved right than proved wrong. So we seek out information and views that confirm our own take on things, and ignore information that contradicts it. 

These few paragraphs were lifted directly from an Investment Magazine's Newsletter. Investing it seems is just part of the hologram!

The process of awakening, like trading, can often be less than comfortable, and I believe that a large part of that discomfort is because of the cognitive dissonance inherent in the process. In fact you could say that awakening is a process of cognitive dissonance, as new information threatens to upset our world view.

Perhaps the toughest part of the process is to pass the decision making from the head to the heart. As the above passage begins "human beings like to feel in control of their environment" and the rational mind is hard wired to achieve this. When the mind rationalises it quite literally discards or ignores information which challenge its "illusion of certainty". 

In this incredible shift in consciousness which we are currently "enjoying" many still insist that nothing has changed. Well, in their reality that is probably the case, as their "illusion of certainty" discounts the incredible amount of new information available to us and their rationalisers work harder than ever to discard any possibe source of cognitive dissonance.

This is particularly true amongst those who seemingly have most to lose. The establishment and its beneficiaries are putting a huge amount of energy into sustaining their illusion and that will continue until the discomfort created by that effort becomes too much and they will choose to join the rest of us is the relatively mild discomfort of cognitive dissonance.


Friday, 12 April 2013

Lessons from a new generation.

Would you ask a dodo for survival strategies?  Would you go to Leahman Brothers for financial advice? Would you go to President Nixon for tips on re-election?

No doubt the ideas presented would have proved really useful right up until the moment of their extinction.

The more productive information may well have been held by those species, thinkers and leaders whose time was yet to come. The difficulty is in identifying an idea or opportunity ahead of its time and having the courage to entertain a different possibility to the prevailing 'truth'.   

One clue is to look at something which has emerged without obvious reason, is clearly different and seemingly poorly adapted to the current paradigm. Think of a fragile mammal on the fringes of the dinosaur empire.

Our clue was a generation of children who struggled to adapt to their current paradigm, failing to access the structures and demands of an education system and society which proved just too coarse for their sensitivities.

Whatever your beliefs around the causes of so many of the 'labels' we stick on our kids, one thing is certainly true; these children process information in a different way. Often right brained, sensitive to feeling and impossible to condition, these kids have the clues to our future.

Our work at acreativespace has always been based on a curiosity and understanding of these children in an attempt to make their experience more comfortable. What we learned was that these kids held the information which allows us to be more comfortable in our experience! The supposed problem proved to be the answer.

The answer to what? Well...everything I guess. These children are hard wired for authenticity and presence. They communicate through  resonance. To join their world demands the same, and whether it be in business, family or pleasure. The current paradigm seems to be more than just tired, it feels finished.

It is impossible to predict even the immediate future but I suspect these kids are equipped with the tools best suited to what emerges.

To thrive we could do a lot worse than learn the lessons from this new generation instead of trying to squeeze them into our clumsy dinosaur suits.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Resonance Marketing

Yesterday, The Creative Space Centre hosted a Workshop conducted by Mip Phillips which helped establish some clarity around the sometimes overwhelming world of Social Media for your business. Mip has got an incredible track record in Corporate Marketing, with an impressive portfolio of clients but is currently striving to establish a new paradigm in the marketing arena. His company Good Vibrations  champions the idea of Harmonic Marketing which aligns the business's purpose to increase customer preference and loyalty.

To me the parallels between Mip's work and our own are striking. He sees the business bottom line as a consequence of fulfilling purpose as opposed to the bottom line being the purpose of the business. His website states We love what we do and we can help you love what you do, which is remarkably similar to our phrase at acreativespace helping people build lives they love, with people they love, in a place they love.

The common thread is the recognition that we are moving into a new paradigm where choices are made less from lack and more from a truly creative space. Marketing has on the whole aimed to create demand by identifying a lack. Consumer products inform you how you lack beauty, status or experience to shift their goods. Governments even market their wars with fear, justifying their insanities with the lack of security lie. Even spiritual teachers market their various paths to Nirvana with when then promises.

Maybe its just me but I really sense that people are waking up to that game. This is particularly true of the kids I have been fortunate enough to work with over the past years. These children feel, rather than think, their way through life and their means of communication is resonance. They feel what is a match, and they certainly feel integrity. At a recent talk the CEO of Saatchi highlighted how difficult it was to market to Generation Y and even harder to mould them into 'good corporate citizens'. The clue is in the language. You cannot MARKET TO this generation you have to MARKET WITH them. This is why Social Media is so important.

There is a caveat here. The integrity of all of our actions will now be key. This generation will be attuned to the spirit, intention or consciousness of your actions. If your underlying intention is to manipulate then your market will know. I suggest that whatever you wish to offer, be it a product or service, it must be fully aligned with your purpose for it to succeed. You can't fake it!  (I am reminded of a therapist who complained to me that her "free" sessions weren't generating any new business. The implication in the statement being that they weren't energetically "free". Had she offered taster sessions with a view to subsequent paid sessions there may have been greater alignment).

I really believe we will build our businesses, communities and in fact society on resonance as opposed to projection. Corporations will no longer be able to "create" global demand, as diversity and individuality is encouraged with technologies such as 3D printing. Businesses may well become smaller, based on passion rather than profit, but remain global as the reach afforded by the internet really does open up the world.

The challenge we all face is maintaining a clear coherent aligned frequency, because that is the basis of the experience we will have, in business and in life. RESONANCE MARKETING is already here. Choose your frequency consciously!

Monday, 15 October 2012

The End of Emotion?

Are things changing? Maybe, maybe not. But my perception of them is.
I am noticing that there is less emotional charge around the events in my life, and with that comes a greater clarity, and the ability to respond rather than react to my circumstances. 

Paradoxically the less susceptible I am to emotional noise the greater the depth of feeling I experience.

This to me is the shift in action. As we spend less time and energy trying to control our environment we have less need to project our emotional state onto others, and are less at the effect of free floating emotional noise, and the emotional projection of others.

In this state we see through the fog and get a much more profound sense of self. We can observe and access our own truth. The feelings we experience in this state arise from within and are of a much different nature to emotions. Emotions are charged with judgement and lock us into the conditionality of the third dimension.
I have come to see emotions as tools of distraction, designed to move me away from self and keep me locked into the illusion of whatever story is presenting at that moment in time. 

Once the emotional aspect of an event loses its ability to distract, my perception of that event changes. As this becomes my predominant experience I have noticed that the circumstances I find myself in have less and less power over me. 

For me the end of emotion does not make me unfeeling. In fact the opposite. It allows a feeling which carries within it an intelligence beyond the reach of the rational mind. It allows me to access ME rather than the story of me.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Do you suffer from Oughtism?

Scientists (they ought to know after all) have identified a new neurally degenerative condition which cruelly strips away authenticity, passion, confidence and expression. Closely linked to the highly addictive condition of judgement, the scientific community have stated that in their considered opinion the only solution is to be right all the time: 

Dr. Ivan Answer, has named this conditon Oughtism, and went onto explain "this silent passion killer has been spreading like wildfire through our communities. The Ought is a microscopic virus which is used to indicate duty or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions". Educationalist Ivor Noidea said "Schools all over the world have witnessed a spread of pandemic proportions." 


1. Depression
2. Resentment
3. Irritability
4. Stress
5. Exhaustion
6. Regret

Related conditions and complications:

1 Shouldism.
2. Wouldism
3. Couldism.


1. Stop doing what you think you ought to do.
2. Stop doing what others think you ought to do.
3. Stop doing what you think others think you ought to do.
4. Stop thinking you know what others think you ought to do.

Miracle cure:

There have been reports of a total reversal of all symptoms. A community known as acreativespace has engaged in a revolutionary process of  the total removal of oughts from their lives. This cold turkey approach involves some radical treatments including, following your passion, thinking with your heart and a policy of no regrets. One person who claims to be totally free of oughtism explains "a first it was hard. I found myself desperate to judge something, but now I just am".

Friday, 28 September 2012

All you need is...worry

All you need is.....worry.

A favourite drinking game at college was to substitute one word for another in a film title.One particular night the word was Reg and we focussed on Bond films. "The Reg who loved me", "For Reg's eyes only" etc. It is amazing the difference one word can make and how this simple game was the source of so much laughter to a bunch of drinking students.

How appropriate does it feel to substitute the word worry for love? Can you imagine John Lennon and Paul McCartney whooping as they hit upon the lyric "All you need is worry...". Think of some other blockbusters, "The Power of Worry" by Huey Lewis and the News. Phil Collins "You can't hurry worry" . Or do you fancy partying with the B-52s at the "Worry Shack" ?

However incongruous this sounds, it is actually the way we conduct ourselves in many crucial areas of our life. The Parenting With Grace and Ease Telecall highlights six Mindsets which will change your perspective, not just on parenting but, on life. One of those Mindsets is WORRY IS NOT LOVE.

The energy of worry is very far removed from the energy of love. The two feel as incoherent as the song titles sound. Worry takes you out of present time and separates you from your power. It is also contagious and undermines confidence. The remarkable thing is that worry is often mistaken for love, especially in parenting.

Perhaps the most extreme example of this I have seen was when a parent genuinely epxressed "the worry that she wouldn't have anything to worry about once she had stopped worrying about her daughters." An incredible admission but I suspect a strangely commom view of life.


I have just listened to the excellent Alison Chester Lambert's thoughts on OCTOBER and for those astrologers amongst you she points out that the antagonistic angle between Pluto and Uranus is generating some high powered energies which leave us feeling as if we are "walking on eggshells which are scattered on a hot in roof", and although there are many healing aspects to October's energy, change is a theme and there is the potential to feel unsettled.

This presents both challenge and opportunity. Moving into familiar patterns and behaviours are unlikely to provide much comfort. It seems that change is going to happen whatever, and it is just a question of how you embrace it. My suggestion is that you embrace that change with excitement and possibility rather than anxiety and fear.

As I keep repeating (to myself in particular) the energy with which you engage in every moment will turn into your experience faster than ever. I suggest you choose LOVE rather than WORRY.